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Welcome to my site!


Why these pages? 

I started this web-site in 2007 to share thoughts, ideas, music and other creative expressions in hopes of making a positive difference for some who might by chance find their way here.  While life offers incredible opportunity for happiness, it can also be challenging. We can sometimes feel isolated and alone, even when we are surrounded by well meaning people who want to help with advice and guidance.  Sometimes it is the words of strangers, people who appear to have no skin in our game, that breath life into advice we may have previously received and simply not been able or ready to hear.  I am hoping that for some of you, I might be that stranger,  When I’m confronted by challenges that appear impossible to overcome, often it is learning that others have faced the very same challenges and overcome them that has helped me to vanquish my own.  I hope something in these pages inspires you to get beyond challenges that may be confronting you.  In these pages you will find thoughts on many issues, poetry and music, photography and information about who I am and about my family.  Please enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts about anything in these pages with me.

Since I started this site, I moved to Bermuda and two years later returned to New York City.  I have had three different roles within the company I work for and have had multiple new managers.   I moved from the Upper West side of New York and now live in happ'nin Harlem.  My eldest children have left their teenage years behind them and my youngest daughter has gone from single digits to double-digit years of life.  I have lost my own beautiful mother and gained a wonderful new mother in law. I have found myself embrolied in family drama with my brother and experienced an interesting evolution in my relationship with my former wife.  I have remarried (hence the wonderful new mother in law) and live with a beautiful South African wife and a new (at least to me) daughter.  My father has almost reached his 80s and my incredible new father in law has transitioned onto the next phase of his life.  There have been many sad deaths and thankfully many more exciting births.  I have had health challenges but generally remain strong and healthy!  I have not always had time to keep this site up to date but I hope that much of what I include in it remains relevant, whether or not updated.  

Whether you found yourself here by design or by default, WELCOME!  You have entered my site.  I am Simon Des etages.  Born in London, UK in 1964 and currently living in New York City.  My adopted spiritual home.

The art to the left is a collage that my daughter Danielle created while in New York in August 2007.  At that time she was 16 years old.  I love it and it pretty much represents what this site is all about.  It's about family, creativity, insight and vision.   
I'll update this site frequently, so make sure to check back.

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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